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A Tattoo Shop Offering Safe, Personalized Body Art

Our top-notch artists at our tattoo shop in Washingtonville, New York, are committed to giving you the best tattoo experience. We use clean equipment and consult with you during the entire process. Make an appointment today to get started.

One-On-One Design Consultation

Get the exact design you have in mind, down to the precise dimensions and specifications, by sharing your vision with Sterling Tattoo Design And More during a one-on-one consultation. We'll discuss what you want during a pre-tattoo discussion before providing you with a drawing. We then review the drawing of the body art with you. This is a great time to make any changes to ensure you are pleased with your tattoo. You'll always know what you're getting because we provide an image of the tattoo to you for you to approve before we get started. We also scale the tattoo down to size for the area of the body to which it will be applied.

Sterile Tattooing

Once all is approved, we get started on the tattoo using sterile equipment. You'll be informed every step of the way from the design to the actual tattooing process. We open up all of our needle packages in front of you and protect ourselves with latex gloves. Nitrile gloves are available for those with latex allergies.

Getting Your Tattoo

We provide a clean, calm, and relaxing environment to help ease any discomfort you may have during the process. Friends and family are encouraged to come lend their support. Our goal is to provide the best tattoo experience possible. If you need frequent breaks, just let us know.

Rose Tattoo with Name

Service Rates

Pricing depends on the size and detail of the tattoo you choose. The minimum rate for our service is $100. All art requires a $60 deposit, which is later applied to the cost of your tattoo. In addition, we offer a design-only service that costs $20. Contact us for more details.

Walk-Ins and Appointments

We welcome walk-in and appointment customers. If you cancel your appointment three times, you forfeit your $60 deposit. A new deposit will be required for a fourth appointment. Call to make your appointment today or visit us at our shop.